Test Çöz!

Soru : 1 Kredi kartı ile ödeme yapabilir miyim?
Can I pay by credit card?
Where can I find her?
Where is the passport control?
I will pay in cash
What do you love doing most?
Soru : 2 Balık yemekleri istiyorum
Do you want to go to the cinema?
Is there a good restaurant nearby?
I have to go
I would like to have fish meals.
I want something cold
Soru : 3 Ayakkabı mağazası nerede?
Did you like it here?
What does your firm deal with?
Here is my CV
He will come tomorrow
Where is the shoe shop?
Soru : 4 Bu kaliteli bir ürüne benziyor
How much is the entrance fee?
Ankara is the capital of Turkey
Where are you going?
Is there a dressing cabinet here?
This looks like a quality product.
Soru : 5 Benim eşim bir öğretmen
My husband is a teacher
Where is the passport control point?
Please send someone over for the luggage
What size shoe do you have?
Which colour would you like?
Soru : 6 Şehir merkezine hangi otobüs gidiyor?
I am not hungry
Could you help me?
I would like to have my hair cut
I'd like to have a hotel nearby the hospital
Which bus goes to the center of city?
Soru : 7 Bu caddenin adı nedir?
I would like to buy a painkiller
What can I have as the starter
What is the name of this street?
It is fifteen degrees centigrade today
Is the beach clean?
Soru : 8 Anahtarımı odamda unuttum
Thank you for your invitation
What can I have as the starter
I have forgotten my keys in my room
I'm going to work here for 3 years
Do you have fresh bread?
Soru : 9 Seni parkın yanında bekleyeceğim
You should come again later
I will wait for you near the park
Who is the owner of the firm?
Could you wait for me for a moment?
Could you prepare the bill, please?
Soru : 10 Biznıs sınıfında boş koltuk var mı?
Which team do you support?
Half an hour ago
Is he expecting you?
I can't speak English well?
Is there a free seat in business class?
Soru : 11 Size bir şey sorabilir miyim?
I feel dizzy
I forgot my luggage in the taxi
Did anyone ask for me?
May I ask you something?
How much do you earn an hour?
Soru : 12 Giriş ücreti ne kadar?
What do you mean?
Do you smoke?
Please call a tow truck
What can you recommend without fat?
How much is the entrance fee?
Soru : 13 Daha büyük bir oda var mı?
Did you come here alone?
What time is it?
Is there a bigger room?
I'd like to have a window seat
What can I have as the starter
Soru : 14 Ne kadar ödeyeceğim?
I don't prefer red color
Could I have any tickets for tonight?
Do I have to change planes?
How much will I need to pay?
Is it washable?
Soru : 15 Saat 4'e çeyrek var
it is quarter to four
Can I use your mobile phone?
Can I go to central street from here?
Begin to the meeting. I will come around seven
Is there a table free?
Soru : 16 Saat 4
Could you bring our bags to our room?
You are late
It is four o'clock
Do you have fresh bread?
Where can I find a good clothing shop?
Soru : 17 Hangi taraftan gitmeliyim?
Where is the nearest drug store?
Which direction should I go?
Is there a table free?
Next bus comes 10 minutes later
Please wake me up at 8
Soru : 18 1 Hafta içinde
Where is the taxi station?
I want to buy a present
You look pale today
In one week
You should take a rest for a few days
Soru : 19 Neden her zaman bu lokantayı seçiyorsun?
Do you sell second-hand computers?
I'd like a table near the window
Why do you always choose this restaurant?
I will pay in cash
How can I go 5th gate?
Soru : 20 Boş masanız var mı?
I am having a heart attack
I would like to pay in installments
Is there a table free?
Take this drugs two times a day
I don't prefer red color