Test Çöz!

Soru : 1 Oraya arabayla gitmek ne kadar zaman alır?
I am not early, am I?
Could you give me one size bigger?
Ankara is the capital of Turkey
Can I use the internet?
How long does it take to get there by car?
Soru : 2 Beşinci kapıya nasıl gidebilirim
Can you tell me the time, please?
Which one is cheap?
Could you bring me the menu, please?
How can I go 5th gate?
Do you know where palm street is?
Soru : 3 Bu ilacı almak için reçete gerekiyor mu?
I am not early, am I?
Is the water deep?
Is it necessary to have a prescription to buy that medicine?
Where would you like to sit?
Where is the nearest drug store?
Soru : 4 Bu kaliteli bir ürüne benziyor
This looks like a quality product.
Let's go to the restaurant
Is there a bigger room?
We can leave a little early today
Could you bring a spoon?
Soru : 5 Ağzınızı açın
How can i go the beach?
I would like to have put on make-up
I would like to buy a painkiller
You look pale today
Open your mouth
Soru : 6 İngilizce iyi konuşamıyorum
I can't speak English well?
I need to go to the airport
How many stars does this hotel have?
What would you like to drink?
I am having a heart attack
Soru : 7 Kış lastiği var mı?
I would like to have put on make-up
Does it have winter tires?
Please bring me another fork?
Someone is following me
Someone wants to see you
Soru : 8 Mont gösterir misiniz, Lütfen?
Could you show me the coats, please?
Could you bring a spoon?
The day after tomorrow
This isn't my luggage
Can I try on it?
Soru : 9 Odamda havlu yok
How old are you?
Can I use the internet?
How much?
Does it have a navigation system?
There is no towel in my room
Soru : 10 Ben buraya iş için geldim
I came here for business
what's the temperature today?
I'm going to work here for 3 years
I have ran out of petrol
Could I taste it?
Soru : 11 Bugün futbol maçı var mı?
Do you sell monitors?
Half an hour ago
When does the plane take off?
Is there a barber nearby?
Is there a football match today?
Soru : 12 Yakınlarda iyi bir lokanta var mı?
You should take a rest for a few days
Is this clock right?
Could I have 400 grammes?
Is there a good restaurant nearby?
Payment will be cash on delivery
Soru : 13 Bugünün tarihi ne?
Who scored the goal?
I forgot my luggage in the taxi
Yo dance really well.
What is the date today?
You should come again later
Soru : 14 Bana bir iyilik yapabilir misiniz?
I want to speak to the manager
My tooth has been broken
Could you do me a favor?
Could you recommend me a cheap hotel?
Do you have italian perfumes?
Soru : 15 Otobüsü kaçırdım
Where would you like to sit?
How much do you earn an hour?
What do you love doing most?
What's this dish called?
I missed the bus
Soru : 16 Bu bende kalablir mi?
Can I keep this?
How many kilometers is it to the next city?
Can I take this bag with me?
Is it nearby?
Could you show it on map, Please?
Soru : 17 Benim eşim bir öğretmen
Can you recommend a hotel?
My husband is a teacher
I do scuba-diving
Can you tailor it for me?
I apologize for disturbing you
Soru : 18 Merkeze kaç durak kaldı?
Is there a good restaurant nearby?
Can I buy a city map?
How many stops are there to the city center?
Will you please show me those bags?
Please change the bed-sheets
Soru : 19 Cumartesi günleri çalışıyoruz
Whan can we do round here in the evenint?
What is the date today?
Take me to the hotel, please?
We work on sundays
There is no towel in my room
Soru : 20 Sürekli öksürüyorum
How should I take this pills?
I must solve a lot of work in the office
I have got a cough persistently
No smoking!
I agree with you